How to Elope in Ireland as a US Citizen

So you want to know how to elope in Ireland? Perfect! You have found a great resource, and let me explain why.

In 2019, I eloped in Ireland and planned it in 2 months. I’m bringing both personal and professional research and experience to this post!

Let’s get into it…

Is it Hard to Plan an Elopement in Ireland?

Elopement planning in a foreign country can seem hard or stressful, but with a photographer who is experienced in travel and the elopement process in Ireland, it can ease a lot of the burden! I specialize in helping couples travel to Ireland and plan their elopement. I will recommend things to do, places to stay, and vendors you can use (or alternatives to vendors)! I will help guide you in your planning process and help create the elopement of your dreams and have the time of your lives in one of the most incredible places in the world!

Symbolic Ceremony vs. Getting Legally Married in Ireland

Let’s talk about the legality and your marriage license. You have a few options. The easiest is to get legally married before you leave and have a symbolic ceremony in Ireland. Follow the marriage laws in your state or providence and be legally married before hopping on the plane! I highly recommend this option to any and all couples choosing to elope internationally. It makes the process a lot more smooth and a lot less stressful! No traveling with important documents that could easily be left at home on accident. If you have a symbolic ceremony, you also don’t HAVE to have a celebrant/officiant/solemnizer or witnesses! But just because you don’t have to have them, doesn’t mean you can’t include these in your day!

If you do choose to get legally married in Ireland, you have a few hoops to jump through-
To get a marriage registration form you need to give the civil registration service 3 months’ notice that you intend to get married. To do this you need to book a marriage notification appointment. The appointment needs to be at least 3 months before you intend to get married. You and your partner will both have to be present in person. This means taking a trip to Ireland 3+ months before your planned elopement. You cannot get legally married until 3 months have passed from the appointment.
Need to know what to bring? Check here for a list of all documents and information you need to bring to your appointment!

Where to Elope in Ireland

I have a whole BLOG on all the amazing places you can elope in Ireland, so let’s just touch on the highlights here! Here are my top 3 places to Elope in the Republic of Ireland!
1. The Cliffs of Moher – this is a storybook elopement. One of the most incredible places in the world. It’s beautiful and majestic. All the things you could ask for in an elopement location! I recommend going to Hag’s Head Tower rather than the visitor’s entrance for a less busy location, however, you can hike from the visitor’s center to the tower. It’s beautiful no matter which location you choose!
2. Annascual Lake – this is on the Dingle Peninsula (one of my fav spots in Ireland!). It’s a secluded lake and hike surrounded by sheep farms and mountains. You are less likely to run into people here, and the view is breathtaking!
3. Conor’s Pass/Waterfall- also on the Dingle Peninsula! This has a magnificent waterfall and gorgeous views! The best way to get here is to park at the little lot and walk 20 minutes to Conor’s Pass waterfall. It is a one-lane road for both directions of traffic after the lot.

When to Elope in Ireland

What is the best time of year to elope in Ireland? Ireland has a very mild climate without extreme temperatures. There is a good amount of rain during the year, especially in the winter, BUT, you can really choose any time of the year to elope here.
The warmest months are May-July, and they also have the most sun! If you are planning a sunset elopement, this is the time!
The driest months are April and June, depending on where you are in Ireland.
The wettest months are December and April.
The busiest tourist season is St. Patrick’s Day-September.
Average monthly temperatures:

January5°C/ 41 °FFebruary5°C/ 41 °FMarch6°C/ 42.8 °F
April8°C/ 46 °FMay11°C/52 °FJune13°C/61°F
July15°C/ 59°FAugust14°C/57 °FSeptember13°C/61°F
October10°C/ 50°FNovember7°C/44.6 °FDecember6°C/42.8 °F

Keeping all of this in mind, I recommend choosing what is most important to you! If you want warmer and drier weather, aim for June! If you want fewer people around and are willing to sacrifice warmth and are okay with rain, March is a great time! You can really choose any time of the year!
My personal experience with eloping in Ireland was in February. Though it was a little cold, it still wasn’t as bad as a winter in the US! I wore leggings under my dress and was fine!

What Airport do I Need to Fly Into?

The most popular place to fly into when visiting Ireland is Dublin. From there you can rent a car or catch the bus or train to where you want to go! I would recommend renting a car, but you do have good options for public transportation. Dublin tends to be the cheapest airport to fly into when coming from the US. When traveling home from Dublin, you will go through customs IN IRELAND before boarding the plane. One less thing to stress about on the way home! I do recommend getting there 3 hours prior to your flight because you will go through security two different times on the way home. One of the best things about flying through Dublin is that you can get a flight directly to/from both JFK and Atlanta! This keeps you from having to go pick up your bags and go through security and customs in a city just for a layover!

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Ireland?

Like all elopements, the cost is going to vary based on your vendors and travel expenses! To check out pricing for photo and video, click here! Travel will depend on the season you choose to go. I have found flights for as little as $400 out of Dallas. If you are flying from the east coast or Atlanta, it’s going to be cheaper than flying from Oklahoma or other rural areas. I also love finding Airbnb’s in Ireland. So if you are looking for somewhere to stay, whether it’s just you and your partner, or you decide to bring guests, I will help you find the best accommodations!

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