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As a certified Grinch, I despise celebrating anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving; however, I am a firm believer in shopping early and shopping small. So I thought I would do a few gift guides in a blog. So today we are going to start with MOM!

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Charcuterie Board

Hop on the trend and grab your mom a board, a 44 Board! Jaxon is another former Sooner who owns a local small business! His boards are beyond compare!

One of my favorite gift traditions, one that I started doing on Mother’s Day before Tyler and I got married, is to gift a cookbook to our moms. I know this isn’t for everyone, but one of the things I remember most growing up is cooking with my grandma. I want that to be something my kids get to experience in the future, and what better way to set that up than to force a cookbook on my mom (who already has a million and one) love ya, Jennifer. Get ready for another cookbook coming for Christmas. I’m not going to say what cookbook I’m doing this year, but I like to use Barnes and Noble or to grab them! In the past I have done Chrissy Teigen’s cookbooks and the Magnolia cookbooks!

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CapriBlue Volcano Candle

Another hit is the CapriBlue volcano candle! I got my mom one of these last year for Christmas and it was lit and burning within the hour. You can grab one here from Lush Fashion Lounge, a local small business!

My number one recommendation is to get her a family photo session! Why? Because it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime. Photos are something that you can hang on to and remember forever. A good photographer is going to capture moments that embody who your family is. This is and always will be my number one suggestion for a gift for mom. Not to mention, if you’re anything like my family, there are a lot of you. That means you can all split the cost! Depending on the photographer, prices run between $250-500+. Remember when choosing a photographer, choose based on how well you click and their work. Make sure you are choosing someone who can understand if you have a complicated family dynamic, or can handle kids if there are a lot of young children in your family. Photography is not something to “do cheaply,” because you do get what you pay for. There are good photographers in your budget, you just have to make sure you find them and click with them! Shoot me an email if you want to talk about setting up a family photo session!

Something I have been trying to do lately to cut down on my contribution to fast fashion is to shop on Merceri. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an app where people can sell their new and used items and clothing. I get a lot of my Lululemon from there, but there’s everything from Target’s Casalula brand, Barefoot Dreams, Young Living, CapriBlue, and more. You can get brand new items at a much better price! Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here is my invitation link.


Instant Pot

One of the best gifts for a mom on the go, the InstantPot! This is something my mom uses ALL the time. She loves it. This is perfect for any busy mom! You can get these at most retail stores. This one at Kohl’s is on sale. I know this isn’t a small business, but my mom LOVES her pot so much, I couldn’t leave it off.

Have a trendy mom? Shop these stores and boutiques to find her something that she will love!

  • Ruby Ranch Boutique I recommend the Farrah B necklaces! Simple and trendy!

  • Lush Fashion Lounge I recommend their Z Supply collection! My favorite brand.

  • Riffraff is another one of my favorites! They aren’t quite local, but they are a small business and I love them! Take a look at their best-sellers!


Barefoot Dreams Blanket

IF it was in my budget, this is hands down what I would be getting my mom for Christmas. The Barefoot Dreams blanket is so soft and is a dream. You can find it here from Riffraff.

If your mom is wanting to focus on her health and fitness in the new year, my mother-in-law LOVES her 1st Phorm greens and other products. You can check out the greens here, the vitamin pack here, and the protein here. I recommend the Strawberry Milkshake or the Ice Cream Sandwich protein! 1st Phorm is one of my favorite brands for workout and nutrition supplements. If you have any questions about the brand or specific products, let me know!

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Want to give her an experience?

Heavenly Hands Day Spa is amazing!

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The LumiSpa

This thing has been a rave on social media. As someone who owns one, I know this thing is the bomb! While it’s a little higher in price point, this is something I know a lot of people (not just moms) will appreciate! You can grab one here.


Framed Photo or Wall Hanging

This goes right along with booking a family photo session as a Christmas gift! I order custom prints and wall hangings, and I also offer them to my clients! This is a wonderful gift for moms. They are high quality and look great with just about any home style. I prefer wood wall hangings. These come in a variety of sizes and frame colors. If you’re interested in having a wood wall hanging ordered with family photos you already have, send me an email! I’ll get you set up!


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*Some links listed above are links to direct sales or are personal links that provide income for myself or people I know.

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