Do I Need an Officiant for an Elopement?

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Elopement photography is a popular way for couples to capture the intimate moments of their wedding day. However, not all couples want to go through the traditional route of having a religious or civil ceremony with a licensed officiant. That’s where self-solemnization comes in! Self-solemnization is the act of a couple marrying themselves without the need for an officiant.

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What States Can I Elope In Without An Officiant?

In some states, self-solemnization is recognized as a legal way to get married. Couples in Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Washington DC can self-solemnize their marriage without the need for an officiant or witnesses. This option is particularly appealing to couples who want to have a small, intimate wedding without the added expense of hiring an officiant.

States That Allow Self-Solemnization With Witnesses!

In Pennsylvania and California, self-solemnization is also an option, but it requires the presence of two witnesses. This means that the couple must have two people who are willing to sign the marriage license as witnesses to the wedding ceremony. This can be passing strangers, your photo and video team, or close people in your life. With self-solemnization, couples can have the wedding ceremony of their dreams, without any external pressure or influence, making it a truly personal and intimate experience.

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