Irish Elopement

In January of 2019, Tyler and I jetted off to Ireland to elope in the best place ever. We took Sydney Davidson and John Stambaugh with us to capture the day.

We booked a 10-day trip and checked a wedding and honeymoon off all at once.

How: Tyler and I legally got married the night before we left. We did a small ceremony with just our family. We did it where we met and where he proposed, so it only made sense to get married there. We booked our flight through Delta and we stayed at the Formyle Cottage in Fanore.

We went in the off season, so a lot of what we did was suggested by locals. We took drives, visited the Aliwee cave, obviously went to the Cliffs of Moher (twice), and we had to go to the Guinness Storehouse! Our favorite place we went was Doolin. I’m not sure what it was about that charming town, but we had such a blast!

I can’t say enough good things about eloping. It was an incredible experience and one of the best things I have ever done. Marrying my best friend and it being just us (and photo/video) was the most incredible, beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Getting to be raw and vulnerable without being in front of so many people was an unmatched feeling.

I highly suggest eloping, and I 100000% recommend Ireland.

Flights- we went through Delta and actually got our flight (and Syd’s) for around $400 each out of OKC. Car rental was more expensive for us. We weren’t over 25 yet, so we had to pay for all the insurance and stuff. It cost us around $600-700, but I don’t remember exactly. It’s been a year…
Stay- we stayed in an Airbnb for 6 (Tyler, me, John, Liz, Syd, and Josie) for under $400 for 9 nights. The night before our flight home, we ended up going to a hotel by the airport.
Photo- Talk to ya photographer about their personal pricing and travel experiences. But our range for pricing was $2,800-3,500.
Video- Again, talk to a videographer you love and check on their pricing and travel! We budgeted $2,500-$3,000.
Florals- I think I spent like $60 lol and she did so good! I walked in and picked out my florals out of the bucket and she threw it together for me!

Photography: Sydney Davidson

Videography: John Stambaugh // Liz Stambaugh

Florals: Some cute little shop in a town 20 minutes away from us.

Dress: Bought on black Friday at Pomp and Pageantry

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